03/12/2031: Keith and I walked around with representatives from RBG and Peabody, with their lighting contractors. It was a hugely profitable time. We walked over 3 miles viewing various problem areas. We spoke through issues such as access, ownership, vandalism and installation. RBG contractors are continuing the LED rollout in our area and various other lights have been repaired this week. Peabody has assured us that they are repairing the lights throughout Manor Green but are waiting for a spare part. Peabody continues to repair and update other areas as they are able.

25/11/21: It was good to see many of you at our forum meeting last Monday. There were lots of detailed updates. All these can be found in our notes here. You will find an update regarding the empty shops and our proposed event, along with many other updates.

Do note that the forum has now officially replaced the former ward panels. This means that we have the opportunity to give the police three priorities to focus on and for the Safer Neighbourhood Team to come and report to us every three months on their progress.

1/10/2021: Good news! Morrisons have withdrawn their application to extend their licensing hours.

2/9/2021: We have made representation last week to oppose Morrisons extending their licensing hours and to sell alcohol from their petrol station. Currently, the licence allows the sale of alcohol from 7:00am-10:00pm and they are looking for an extension of 6:00am midnight (Monday to Sunday) at both the Supermarket and Petrol Filling Station. If you would like to make a personal objection (representation) then you can do so here. Do refer to at least one of four valid grounds: The Prevention of Crime and Disorder, Public Safety, The prevention of Public Nuisance, The protection of Children from Harm. Note the license application name and number: Morrisons Store and Petrol Station, application number: 12470. The deadline is 8/9.

20/8/2021It was great to finally meet some of you at the Thamesmead Festival. Welcome to those who have recently joined us.

21/06/2021 – We are grateful that, having raised awareness of some neglected areas, regular maintenance has resumed. The area below was not touched for a couple of years until we tidied it up in March. This photo was taken yesterday:

11/06/2021 –

Things are getting busy ready for the summer. We are exploring the idea of running a stall at the Thamesmead Festival (Saturday 14 August at Southmere Park. 12 – 7pm) but we need at least 7 people to commit to one hour slots. Please let me know if you can help.

Peabody has been given funding to renovate the Birchmere Changing rooms. They have asked us to work with residents to come up with the best way forward. Here is an opportunity to speak up and to make a difference. Please get in touch by the end of next week and more details will be sent to you.

New Bins are coming! Have your say! https://shapingthamesmeadnow.org.uk/en/projects/new-bins

29/04/2021: It was good to see some of you at our recent forum. You can read the minutes of Monday’s meeting here: One of the things that we heard was an update on the cricket pitch that will be restored in Birchmere Park. It will be installed week beginning 3rd May 2021 with a launch date planned in May/June..


We had a productive meeting last Monday: The minutes can be viewed here.

We are pleased that there is now fresh lighting near Byron Close, and the Peabody team are planning to overhaul much of the lighting throughout the Moorings, in time.

We have also established that the series of lights that are out around the Sky roundabout comes under Bexley Council and they have been notified of the one going problem.

18/2/2021: We are exploring a possible new group to help keep central Thamesmead tidy. We are grateful for our friends from Tidy West Thamesmead who are helping us explore what is involved. If you want to be involved, then please contact us – we cannot start without your help!

10/2/2021: Good news. Some of the lights that were reported on behalf of the Forum have now been fixed. There is still much do, but repairs can happen!

29/01/2021: People have expressed their frustration that many lights are not working throughout the Moorings. We have reported these to Greenwich council along with flooded walkways. We will update you on their progress. It is quick and easy to report faults here.

Moorings Neighbourhood Forum officially designated

25th June 2019 – Moorings Neighbourhood Forum has been officially “designated” by Royal Borough of Greenwich. Following the application form submitted in March 2019 which can be found here