Here are a few questions that have recently been asked. Contact us if your question is not here.

  • Where do I get a litter picker and bags?
    Contact and ask to become an Environment Champions. Litter packs are limited to one per Greenwich family.
  • What area does Central Thamesmead cover?
    Rubbish is rubbish and needs to be picked up by someone. Our main focus is the topmost corner of the Royal Borough of Greenwich.
  • Where do I put the litter I pick up?
    Put it in your own rubbish bin or place the tied-up bag next to a Greenwich litter bin.
  • What if there are large items?
    Take a photo of it and report it.
  • How do I pick up litter safely?
    Please read the full guide here.
  • Will this take work away from Greenwich pr Peabody workers?
    No. Sadly, there is just too much rubbish. They are only too happy to have a helping hand.
  • Will picking up litter encourage more litter?
    By picking up litter and working hard to keep Central Thamesmead clean, we are helping others to value the area too. Some of the rubbish is accidental, having been blown out of open bins or spread by foxes and cats.